Gayla Smith...on Display NOW!


A life-long resident of the Buckeye Lake, Ohio area, my musical journey began by playing the piano at age four. After learning a few instruments and becoming a vocalist, it seemed that becoming a professional musician was part of my life’s destination.


My artistry started as a child with designing dresses for dolls, making them jewelry and styling their hair. I was ALWAYS interested in making things. Entirely self-taught, I experimented with pencils, paints, sculpting clays, highlighters, markers, canvas, watercolors and paper. I was inspired and encouraged by my mom, artistic friends and things I had seen in my travels while working for Carnival and Disney Cruise Lines as a musician later in life. Six years at sea flooded my memory banks with endless nautical beauty.


Speaking for myself, I find creating something to be akin to an irresistible drug. My work is largely based on impulse. I pick up the paper/canvas and pencils, paints and brushes and the ride begins. My life long love of the water and being near it has inspired the bulk of my work. Loving all that is whimsical, my friends and patrons guide me with interesting subject matter that comes to me by request.


I still perform in the Central Ohio area and paint religiously. Buckeye Lake is my love and my home. I’m proud to be a native. I hope my work brings some color and music to your world. If you are interested in purchasing art or catching one of my gigs: 

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